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GREATER GROUP was formed in 2012 (however, it is remarkable that we have been engaged with this business since 2007) to satisfy the needs of our customers for the complete range of products of agrochemicals up to the international standards of quality. In the early days, we started marketing of agrochemicals as a natural response to the opportunity arising from the ever growing demand for sophisticated crop protection chemicals in our country. As innovation continued, our capabilities grew. New ideas for products sprang up from compact faith in quality & quantity, enabling the company to rise to a new “Standards” for product excellence.

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Saver Enterprises was established in 2007. The fundamentals behind its existence were to boost agriculture in Pakistan by giving access to quality to our distributors, small and large farmers so that economical and solution based satisfaction may be provided.Saver enterprises believe that quality covers many aspects on our agro-chemicals industry which include quality of product, services, supply and quality sales.

Saver Seeds corporation established in 2007 is a fast growing seed company aiming to protect and promote the development of the farming community through providing and maintaining best quality seed. By articulating the farmer need , desire aspiration we organize the standard of our ideology i.e. developing the sustain able agriculture system trhough new varieties in the upcoming future.

Hi Grade Chemicals is a importer, formulator and distributor of pesticides in Pakistan. It’s totally managed by a professional team of marketing and agricultural graduates whose desire and aim in life is to provide not only quality pesticides to the farming community. This would result in ultimately enabling the company to provide full range of services to the farming community of Pakistan.

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This is our belief “We grow with our customers growth”.highly satisfied customer and farmers infact showing our success. We are proud that we have have a history of every year plus growth.Our structure, way of thinking and implementation are unique.

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